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7 SEO Tips Every Fashion Ecommerce Owner Should Know

  • July 2, 2021
  • by Emma Parkar
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Are you struggling to get enough traffic on your online fashion store? If yes, then poor SEO might be the one to blame. But say no more, here are the 7 SEO secrets that will help you set your foot in the fashion industry!

Why Does Your Fashion Website Need a Solid SEO?

With a solid worth of £29 billion and more than 800,000 jobs, the UK’s fashion industry is one of the largest and most creative industries in the country. Here, in the UK, people love staying in style and that reflects in the changing fashion trends every day. It simply means the fashion industry in the country is growing and evolving at a rate you can’t imagine. Due to the attractive profits, more and more fashion brands and businesses are setting up their stores online, which means, if you want to stay ahead in the competition, you’ll need powerful SEO and online marketing strategies. Moreover, in eCommerce sales are directly associated with the traffic of your website. And with the Right SEO strategy
it is possible to drive more traffic to your website.

Benefits of SEO for Fashion Brands

The competition in the fashion industry is getting fierce with each passing day. Therefore, setting up an attractive website and launching new products isn’t enough. If your site is not ranking on the first page and not getting enough traffic, it will be all worthless. This is where SEO can be your saviour. In a high competition scenario like now, SEO for eCommerceis important for all eCommerce business owners. When done correctly, it can help your site rank higher on the search engine result pages and drive organic traffic that will automatically increase your brand visibility, sales and conversions.

Below are some of the biggest benefits of SEO for fashion businesses :

1. Increase Brand Value

There are millions of fashion businesses in the world, but only a few brands. A brand value is what makes a business stand out and shine from the crowd. But the question is, how to increase brand value? By increasing your visibility by ranking on the top pages of Google, this is your best answer!

2. Higher Conversion Rates

Obviously, when your brand ranks on the top and has great credibility, it will drive more and more traffic to your site. And more traffic means more conversions, higher sales and better profits.

3. SEO + Social Media = Best Results

SEO on its own is great and social media as we all know works wonders for eCommerce businesses. But when you combine the power of these two, you get the most effective results. Both of these methods support each other and work together to increase the reach of your website. Wondering how? Let’s take an example of a social media influencer promoting your fashion product and including a well-optimised link of your site in his bio!!.

Now that you know the role of SEO in glorifying the fashion businesses, let’s come to the real point and discuss the secret SEO tips for thriving your fashion brand!

7 Secret SEO Tips For Fashion Ecommerce

1. Target The Right Keywords

An online fashion brand or business can really hurt themselves badly by not making timely decisions regarding targeting the right keywords. A common misstep in Fashion SEO would be to target the wrong keyword. The wrong keyword we are referring to here is the one that is highly competitive or broad.

For example, by targeting a keyword with high competition, you will end up competing with the highly established brands you’ve no chance with. Being ambitious is good, but you shouldn’t try to compete with the giants like Clarke or Adidas, especially when you’re in the early phase of your SEO campaign. Start slowly and try to build authority by targeting long-tail keywords by generating high-quality content.If your intent is to attract local customers, you can do it by targeting local keywords and using local SEO.

Generally, the long tail keywords are more specific and thus, it’s easy to rank for them.

2. Create Stellar Content

If you want to make your Fashion ecommerce SEO campaign successful, make sure to create fresh, interesting and engaging content that provides readers with useful information as well as encourage them to take actions. This will make it rank higher on the search engine and will make your SEO campaign successful.

The deal with modern shoppers is, they don’t simply buy any random item they like. Instead, they prefer doing complete research before making the final purchase. For example, suppose a customer wants to buy a dress, before heading to a fashion store, she will search for the latest trends, what kind of fabric and style is in trend these days, what colour/print /design will suit her body type, height and so on.

To help you with it, here are some fashion business SEO content strategy tips:

  • Get in touch with your customers early in their research phase. Have a dedicated blog section on your homepage and link your targeted content.


  • Identify the “pillars” of your content that will form the basis of the information you’re planning to provide. Always remember that in order to retain customers and to have them coming back, you will need to create a tone, a personality and most importantly an environment your audience is familiar with. This is where creating the content pillars and following them will help you stand out. Some good examples of content pillars for the fashion industry are:

    • Latest Trends
    • Culture
    • Celebrity Looks
    • Event, Shows
    • Trending Looks
    • Top product picks
    • Styling Tips
    • How-to’s
    • Get the Celebrity Style
  • Create content that answers the queries searched by your potential buyers on Google. Search those keywords and target them in your blogs or articles. (Remember the long tail keyword targeting tip!!)

  • Don’t simply stick to one type of content such as a particular clothing or apparel. Instead, include a broad content about culture, travel, lifestyle, etc.

  • Identify and study your audience well before planning your content. Know what they are looking for and what
    they are expecting from your brand.

    The best type of fashion content are advice, tutorials, how to’s and fashion classes.

    Optimise your internal links and make sure to link your products nicely within your content.

    Try including guest posts with social media influencers on your blog to channel their established audience.

    Content isn’t only about writing blogs. So, create it by putting different social media channels in your mind. Create social media posts, YouTube videos, etc. And also enrich your text-based content by putting a lot of high-quality images and short videos in it.

3. Harness The True Power of Social Media

Social media channels allow businesses to garner a large volume of traffic in a relatively short period of time- if you’re marketing in the right way, of course!

When you post engaging content on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, you stand a chance to rank in the search results. This is especially true for Google’s own platforms like YouTube and Google+. Thus, if you utilise the best SEO practices as simple as inserting the right keywords, links and hashtags into your content, your brand visibility will increase and your fashion SEO campaign will benefit.

In today’s scenario, Instagram has become a great shopping hub. Many small fashion businesses and brands have started their journey through an Instagram page and are now thriving on a broad level. The best part about Instagram is, you get a well-established audience. You can display your products and run promotional campaigns to drive more traffic. What’s more? You can collaborate with popular Instagram influencers and drive their audience as well. This is one of the best things you can do to make your fashion brand a hit.

4. Go Mobile

We can’t tell you how important it is to make a mobile-optimised site. If you truly want to make your Fashion SEO campaign lucrative, then make sure to target the mobile market. A mobile-centric SEO campaign involves creating mobile-friendly websites along with top-notch content that is optimised for mobile devices.

When creating content for mobiles, make sure it is clear, simple and precise. In simple words, you should only use the information that is relevant for sales and conversion. Also, instead of keeping the informative content on the top, make sure to place your business offer on the top and add your contact information and “call-to-action” somewhere in the middle of the content.

5. Pay Attention to Local SEO

If you also have a physical store and want to appear for “business name + near me / city” searches, then there are a couple of things you need to do in order to boost your local SEO ranking

First and foremost, set up a Google My Business page for your store’s location. This is extremely important if you want to appear in the local and near me search queries. The second step is to enrich your Google My Business listing by adding SEO optimised descriptions with targeted keywords, high-quality pictures, testimonials and reviews, etc.

7. Don’t Forget Technical Optimisation and SEO Audit

You need an optimised and well-functional site in terms of its technical aspects as it is bundled with numerous pages and tons of fashion products. Below are a few things you should consider at the time of performing a technical SEO audit for improving your site’s ranking:

  • Make sure that your site’s loading speed is less than 3 sec.

  • It should provide a smooth and seamless user experience.

  • The site should be structured and organised for better visibility.

  • Make sure that there are no broken links.

  • Use optimised images and videos in your content.

  • Check the mobile-friendliness of your site.


There you have it, the top 7 SEO secrets for nurturing and growing your fashion business. No matter if you’re starting a fashion business from scratch, taking your existing physical store online or revamping your e-store, these tips will improve the health of your website and bring large volumes of traffic that will eventually boost conversions, revenue generation and overall profits.

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