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Small Business Trends for 2024

  • May 24, 2022
  • by Emma Parkar
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It has been difficult for everyone to get back to normal after the pandemic. We can say this, especially for small businesses. Being a small business owner, you may have faced many challenges marketing your products and handling other operational areas. However, the majority of the businesses have managed to do well by going with the flow. They have started by accepting the current situation while making a few changes in their work. If you have a small business and are still struggling to survive in this post-pandemic era, this guide is for you.

Increase in Online Sales

Taking the crucial learnings from the pandemic, the majority of the businesses are now focusing more on creating an online presence. It does not matter how big or a small business you are running; it has become essential to maintain a presence on the internet to drive revenue. There are several marketing channels like Social Media Marketing and SEO through which it is possible to rule over the internet. According to the most recent figures by the Office of National Statistics (UK), the eCommerce revenue in 2019 counted at 693 billion GBP. Online sales accounted for 36% of the total retail sales in the UK during November 2024. Online sales in the UK have skyrocketed during and post-pandemic. Online shopping penetration in the UK is high compared to other countries. Looking at the benefits of eCommerce, people are increasingly moving towards internet shopping rather than spending hours in a store.

Optimised Business for International Shoppers

The increased online business has also encouraged small business owners to spread their wings in international markets. Thus they have started optimising their products and services for the global market. The cross-border eCommerce is projected to fetch up to 22% of the shipments in 2024. According to the Future of Commerce report of Shopify, most small businesses are now utilising advanced tools. The various eCommerce platforms generally offer these features to improve their cross-border shipping experience.

Skyrocketed Marketing Automation

Gone are the days when a human had to devote countless days and nights to look after all the aspects of the business. This applies to the marketing section as well. Marketing automation has made things easier for small businesses since they get limited resources. With marketing automation, small businesses can easily automate monotonous marketing work. Thus you can focus on another part of your business. The marketing automation takes care of the social media posting and email marketing. Moreover, this automation procedure is faster and easy to implement. If you look for some of the best eCommerce platforms for small businesses, then you will find this marketing automation as a tool in their package. Therefore this marketing automation has become the need of the hour now.

Skyrocketed Marketing Automation

Great Work-Life Balance

Nowadays, we can still notice the work from home concept implemented during the pandemic. Flexibility is the core reason most small businesses consider continuing this trend. Most businesses are looking at this with benefits like reduced expenses and increased productivity. From the employee’s perspective, they enjoy less commuting and greater flexibility. Besides this, they are also spending more time with their families. Looking at the future of eCommerce, there would be an increase in online sales. Therefore small businesses are happy to ask their employees to work from any part of the world.

Increased options in Service and Product Delivery

Like the business owners, most customers have also opted for a work from home concept. Thus small businesses are also focusing on flexible deliveries within their local areas. They are encouraging customers to place an order through phone calls and WhatsApp. With this initiative, they can deliver the products or services according to their convenience.

Social Media ruling the market

In 2024, almost every business is striving to make their presence online. Social media is considered one of the strongest channels. A highly engaged social media presence is a boon for any small business. It helps increase the trust factor within the audience and thus increases the business revenue. Therefore it has become important to create unique content for all social media activities. Nowadays, we can see huge growth in people shopping on Instagram. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram prove to be the best platforms to launch the products. You can now spread awareness and increase the conversions easily.

Customer First

A small business has a limited number of customers, and they rely heavily on repeat orders and new ones. Therefore small businesses are now focusing more on customer service. They are striving to make their satisfied customers their brand ambassadors. Generating a positive word of mouth has proven to improve the online reputation of a small business. Gone are the days when a telephone and email were the only communication channels. Now you can take advantage of the WhatsApp business feature and offer instant service to your customers. You can also invest in a virtual phone number through Chalkboard for customers to contact you.

Customer First Strategy

Diverse Marketing Strategies

Digital Marketing has become one of the necessities now to run the business in 2024. Every digital marketing channel is launching its new feature to improve the customer experience. The features like voice search and mobile-first have captured the market. Therefore it offers better marketing opportunities to grab the customer’s eye balls. Therefore, spend some time on different digital marketing platforms to decide on the best one. For example, if you have a retail store, then the shopping feature of Instagram could be a great pick for you. Here you can introduce new products to your potential customers and encourage them to buy them. Ensure to experiment with different platforms to create the right digital marketing strategy for your business.

Sustainable Business Practices

Nowadays, every one of us is aware of the impact of commerce on the planet. Therefore, small businesses are also considering this need and planning their operations accordingly. They are keeping the factor of sustainability in their mind while designing their products. The majority of the small businesses are already using natural and recycled materials. They are also focusing on enhancing the efficiency of their production process. Now you can also start taking the baby steps if you strive to make your contribution toward a positive impact on the environment. Some of the best ideas include running a social media campaign to spread awareness about sustainability. You can also find a sustainable shipping partner.

Should I start my business online?

Why not? Getting online is one of the most exciting trends of 2024for small businesses. Do you want to know how to start an eCommerce business? The eCommerce website creation platforms like Shopify can help you. You can launch your next product online and run your eCommerce store successfully.