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Uplift the profits of your business by taking it to new heights using the most advanced features of Adobe Commerce Marketplace!

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Scalable Ecommerce Solution

To transform your current Adobe Commerce Store to a complete online shopping mall marketplace with the facility of multiple sellers, you need the Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extension. This will make the overall processing of your website so convenient; from inventory to shipment to seller collection.

  • Complete Sign-up Process
  • Separate Identity
  • Product Uploading
  • Product Category
  • Product Types
  • Order Documents
  • Shipping Option
  • Admin Access
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Marketplace with Adobe Commerce

Adobe out of the box offers single seller e-commerce solutions, because it’s open-source it offers a lot of flexibility to expand the platform further, whether you want to build a Marketplace and allow other vendors to list and sell their products on your website. We have a solution where the Adobe platform can be scaled and offer a complete Marketplace solution.

Go Global With Ease

When it comes to serving unique business requirements, Adobe Commerce offers several benefits that help your website perform at its highest level. With a Adobe-based website, merchants can easily offer the above-discussed points to the respective customers; making it super convenient to manage the overall working of the website. It is the most popular free solution suitable for e-commerce startups and midsized businesses.

  • Takes care of your website security
  • Get all solutions with Adobe
  • Suitable for all business sizes
  • Facility to use a huge number of extensions
  • Scalable – Easy To Delete, Manipulate And Manage Extensions!
  • SEO friendly
  • Availability of Multi-store management
  • Ads & marketing tools for better promotion
  • Numerous payment and shipping options
Highlighted Features
Product Management

Makes it easy to manage the overall intake and outtake of products in different categories.

Order Management

You can easily maintain smoothness in taking orders, processing it, creating invoices, and the final shipments.

Vendor Management

Ensuring your eCommerce business has the proper Adobe plugins; leading to the success of your vendor management.

Commission management

You can manage a more advanced commission on the seller’s category with this option.

SEO Management

This feature helps you fix the duplicate content issues, structured data, SEO checklist, and more.

Multicurrency & Multi-Lingual Support

Enhance your reach by connecting the people globally; supporting different languages and currency options.

Easy to Customize

Adobe gives you the option of easy customisation of different features depending on your website.

Report System

The feature of advanced reporting lets you avoid system overload during its prime time as you get the facility of setting a preferable time.

Feedback & Review

This helps you make improvements in your whole process by getting regular feedback from the customers.

Multi Theme Template Support

You can manage a more advanced commission on the seller’s category with this option.

Email Notification

Keep a track of all the main events in your store without any hassle with the help of email notification availability!

All Payment Shipping Support

Gives you the facility of easy to view assigned payment and shipping methods; available at checkout!

Benefits and Reasons to Have a Multi-vendor Marketplace Website With Adobe

At RVS Media, we have a qualified team having years of experience under their belt when it comes to technical and conversion optimization. We can assist you in building interactive websites by fulfilling all the custom functions and requirements. Here we are discussing some of the benefits that you can enjoy with the Multi-Vendor Marketplace Website With Adobe

  • Product and order management
  • It is easy to customise
  • Vendor and commission management
  • Supportive community
  • Adobe re-platforming consulting
  • Email template/ email notification
  • Offers a huge range of payment gateways
  • Multi theme/ template support
  • Analytics
  • Ease of integration and a lot more…
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Adobe Commerce is a paid e-commerce platform with licensing fees based on business requirements and usage.

By default, Adobe Commerce doesn’t offer native multi-vendor support. However, extensions or customizations can be integrated to enable multi-vendor functionality.

Multi-Vendor Adobe Marketplaces refer to e-commerce platforms utilizing Adobe Commerce where multiple independent vendors can sell their products on a single website. This setup allows various sellers to manage their own stores within the overarching marketplace.

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At RVS Media, we give the very best to our clients and help them achieve their business goals. Check out what our clients have to say about us.


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