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How AI and Machine Learning are Transforming The Ecommerce Business

  • May 27, 2022
  • by Emma Parkar
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Gone are the days when one had to roam around a couple of stores in shopping complexes to buy one thing. Thanks to eCommerce, we can now shop online in the comfort of home no matter what time it is. The whole world has witnessed the revolution Ecommerce has brought to the business, and a pandemic is a great example we can consider. With the benefits of eCommerce, people could get the essential things without stepping out of their homes. Therefore, we can only see the rise in this graph. In the UK alone, the amount spent on online shopping is forecast to increase by 29.6% by 2024, according to the data captured by retail analysts at Global Data.

So if you are thinking about whether you should start an eCommerce business in the UK or not, then it is the right time. Ecommerce is a $2 trillion market, and therefore now, the industry is also set to welcome Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. With the magic wand of these two technologies, the numbers are certainly expected to grow even bigger. Let’s understand how these two revolutionary technologies will benefit the eCommerce business.

How will AI help you here?

With AI and Machine Learning, businesses now can deliver round-the-clock support to their customers. Whether you have a query at 3 am or 3 pm, the chatbots are always there to your rescue, and this is so far the most accessible form of AI. With chatbots, you can instantly respond to your customers and offer them personalised services.

Therefore, businesses have experienced significant improvement in their conversions as well. These chatbots can help companies collect customer data, track their behaviour and provide a seamless shopping experience.

More targeted advertising and Marketing

Personalised service is the need of the hour in the business world. However, only a few businesses managed to implement it. Considering the growing competition, it has become important to stand out from the crowd. Therefore, having a one-to-one conversation with your customers is the key to success.

Personalised service with AI

It may sound difficult to execute such services; however, you can implement deep personalisation techniques with AI and machine learning with the guidance of an Ecommerce Agency. The AI helps to analyse the big data from the purchase histories and the other customer interactions. With this data, you can decide what your customer wants and deliver the service accordingly.

Easy Smart Searches

Have you tried searching for something in an online store and gave up after some time? Not any more. Because with AI, you will have someone to understand your exact requirement and display the products you want.

Understand customer intent with AI

AI and Machine learning can help boost the store’s searches to understand the customer’s intent. Moreover, machine learning can also predict what your customer wants and tailor the suggestions to fit their requirements.

Now, as voice search also has the majority of the industries, it is also predicted to do half of all searches by 2022, according to an eCommerce consultancy. Shopping via voice search is a game-changer, and AI is sure to create magic with it.

Improved customer retention

Fulfilling your customer’s requirements by offering personalised service can certainly increase your retention graph. According to McKinsey Omnichannel Personalisation research, there is a 10 to 15% uplift potential in the retention and revenue with personalisation strategies. Therefore, AI will certainly take over mass marketing with the personalisation service.

Improved customer retention

Personalised product recommendations

Do you know that AI can crunch your customer behaviour by using the algorithm to make accurate predictions? The beauty industry is the best example to explain this. With AI, you can analyse the skin or hair problems of the customers and offer them a personalised solution. Therefore it has already become one of the popular eCommerce trends in the beauty industry.

How does AI help to give personalised recommendations?

You would have seen eCommerce portals like Amazon already doing it. These shopping portals use your browsing history and purchase history. Based on this data, they recommend relevant products from their store. This is beneficial for the customer as well as for businesses.

It is always helpful to display the exact product to the customer that he wants rather than greeting him with tons of unwanted things. AI helps you to deliver this Hyper personalisation to your customers.

Efficient Sales Process

AI can be your helping hand by following up with your customers about their abandoned carts. Therefore using AI, you can create a more efficient sales process by working on your customer’s data. It can help to improve brand loyalty by learning more about your customers. With AI, you can dive into the complex journey of sales and customer data management to uncover the opportunities for your business.

Efficient Sales Process

Better Inventory Management

If your products get stocked out, you lose the customer, and if you get to stock them, you lose your funds. This is the kind of struggle most eCommerce business owners face. However, AI can help you with this. Inventory management can be a difficult task to handle when done manually. It is hard to make accurate predictions about sales, and therefore businesses end up with a cash flow problem.

How can you manage inventory with AI?

Once the AI is in your system, it makes sure to forecast future demands more precisely. Consequently, you can always control your supply chain without any hassles. This will also ensure you understand your customers and their behaviours. Therefore, the shrinkage will be reduced, and you will also save the cash.

Seamless Automation

Automation is the key to survival in the current digital world. The automation lets you accomplish the task with little to no human interventions. Being an online business owner, you may have tons of activities to execute to keep your store running.

Automate the operations with AI and Machine Learning

With automation, you can schedule the promotional emails in CRM or social media content with an online calendar. AI and Machine learning support this future e-commerce trend and thus help you in a big way to make it seamless. With AI, you can automate the repetitive tasks crucial to operating your store online. You can also automate the product recommendations or loyalty discounts with AI.


AI and Machine Learning may sound alien to some of you; however, it is a need of the hour to run your eCommerce business successfully in 2022. AI and Machine Learning can assure you the improved customer experience, streamlined business operations, and increased conversion rates. If you want to deliver the best shopping experience to your customers, then AI is what you should look for. If you are unsure how to do it, Let RVS Media help you scale your eCommerce business with these technologies. Connect with our team today and achieve your business goals.