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How AI Will Play An Essential Role In Beauty Tech Innovation

  • September 28, 2022
  • by Emma Parkar
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As almost every industry has made its appearance in the digital world. Now, it’s the time for the ai beauty industry to take that first step and enter the virtual world. This blog talks about the same. Keep reading to know more about beauty tech innovations.

Advancement In The Beauty Industry

Have you ever imagined that you could easily buy beauty products in just a few clicks? Never, right? Do you know the cosmetic industry is growing at a tremendous rate? It is expected to reach $806bn by the end of 2023. All this has become possible with the arrival of these brilliant technologies. The beauty industry has grown in some brilliant ways. AI beauty(artificial intelligence) and AR(augmented reality) have changed the way people used to shop. The future of eCommerce is going to change. Now, people can shop for beauty products from the comfort of their homes. This made the businesses expand/shift their businesses online. Also, they are constantly working towards making the customer experience better. If you wish to build your e-store, then you can read our eCommerce SEO guide.

Applications Of AI In the Beauty Industry

Artificial intelligence can assist in understanding customer preferences better. Also, it boosts the sales of businesses. Many famous beauty brands like LO’rèal, Estee Lauder, Sugar, Lakme, and Maybelline are making use of AI to stand out against the rest.

Here are some of the ways by which AI beauty is helping businesses as well as consumers.

1. Virtual Product Trials

A lot of people might not have heard of AR, even when they’re using it every day. The Instagram and Snapchat filters that you use every day. They all are powered by augmented reality.

Moreover, the virtual mirrors which are powered by AR allow you to try several cosmetics in real-time. Many applications like YouCam Makeup and YouCam Perfect are also very popular picture editors. Heard of Estée Lauder, a famous beauty brand, makes use of AI to offer virtual product trials.

In recent times, many virtual try-ons have gained a lot of popularity. But how do these solutions work? To put it simply, the AI beauty algorithms detect faces and then map them. After that, with the help of AR, images are obtained according to the specifications obtained.

Other than online stores, AR is used in several offline shops through smart mirrors as well.

2. Personalised Solutions

AI beauty also helps in providing personalised solutions to customers. Machine learning can also be used to analyse the facial structure, skin type and skin tone of the individual.

In addition to this, data can be sought by asking individuals to fill out questionnaires about the kind of facial treatments and the results they’re looking for.

Then, the algorithm analyses the informational data. After that, it offers a skincare routine that aligns well with the goals of individuals.

Suppose, a customer has oily skin, then AI will automatically suggest them the best available options. It will suggest acne-prone creams, serums, face washes etc. That means, now the customers need not worry about not having enough knowledge. AI beauty technology will help them out in all possible ways.

Because of this, the customers feel more satisfied and happy. This is a good sign, isn’t it?

3. Smart Mirror Options

Alright, do you remember the magic mirror from Seven Dwarfs and Snow White? With the help of artificial intelligence, you can make use of smart mirrors. One such famous brand Lòreal is making use of smart mirrors which lets the customers try on things virtually.

These kinds of smart mirrors are installed in online stores and shops. They are applicable for various products and services from trying beauty products to fitting accessories and haircuts.

However, from the point of view of business, smart mirrors can reduce the staff needed in an organisation. Also, the time taken by the customers for choosing the correct product can be reduced.

4. Shade Finder Quiz

Finding the correct shade used to be so hard, but not anymore. Now you can easily find your exact shade by taking some quizzes.

All that you need to do is, upload a picture. Then answer a few questions about your skin and the kinds of products you’re using. This gives the companies very useful information for their upcoming launches. All your answers serve as crucial data for them. Email campaigns and landing pages make use of this data to increase their revenue.

5. Printed Makeup

The next advancement is printed makeup. A device puts makeup on your face and gives you a perfect no-makeup look. The application scans the skin of a person and then applies the makeup accordingly. It hides the burst blood vessels, hides age spots and other blemishes and spots.

In addition to this, this device has an inbuilt camera which captures pictures of your skin. Then, a microprocessor analyses your skin. Then, with the help of a micro printer, a foundation is applied to your skin. That’s how the printed makeup works.

6. Reduced Waste Products

Before augmented reality and artificial intelligence came into the beauty industry, tonnes of sample products were wasted. Products were produced for the customers to be brought by them.

That means making use of more energy and resources to manufacture cosmetics. This in turn leads to high emissions of carbon dioxide.

On the contrary, now with the help of AR, all this waste can get eliminated as they test the products virtually. By testing them virtually, the brands can save a lot of money, energy and resources. Most importantly, they will save the environment by eliminating waste and emissions.

Benefits of AI in Beauty Tech Innovation

AI is indeed a game changer. We must say, the future of AI is very brilliant.


Here are the following AI Benefits that you must be aware of:

  • AI enables multi-tasking and it eases the workload for the existing resources. It reduces the time taken to complete a task.
  • AI operates 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. That too without any breaks and interruptions.
  • eCommerce automation helps in completing tough tasks easily.
  • It increases the capabilities of specially-abled people.
  • Artificial intelligence helps in decision-making by making processes smarter and faster.

Future of AI In the Beauty Industry

Since the arrival of the pandemic, the online world has become so important. People have started shopping online more and more. Now, the pandemic has gone but online shopping is still here. No one wants to shift to the traditional ways of shopping again. Instead, everyone is now planning for their eCommerce website development.

No, this doesn’t mean that they’ll stop doing offline shopping. Instead, the percentage online would increase in the coming days. Online sales are expected to grow up to 48% by the end of 2023. That means people would invest more and more in the AI of the beauty industry. AI has a bright future in beauty.


Here comes the end of this blog. After reading this blog, you must have realised how artificial intelligence is changing the way people used to shop for beauty products.

The use of AI and AR in the cosmetic industry can give the necessary revamp. Nevertheless, the use of AI shouldn’t be limited to enhancing beauty only. It must also be used for other important purposes. Like correcting the physical imperfections through plastic surgery or other corrective processes.

AI can assist with predictive analysis to discover the course of action for carrying out medical processes in an efficient manner. Also, it helps in predicting post-surgery results with more accuracy. All these advancements will not only build the individual’s confidence. But also they’ll help in the development of the medical beauty field.

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