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Project Highlights

  • Replatforming
  • Brand New Build
  • Rebranding
  • Bespoke Development

Project Details

Project Overview

About Pool and Spa Center

We produce Europe’s finest quality Hot Tub, & Swim Spa Lids. Using marine grade vinyl and 5″ to 3″ virgin foam our ‘Made to measure’ custom covers are ideal for your spa.

The business (Bubbletubs Ltd) was incorporated in 2003, the initial aim was to provide great customer service, achieve realistic margins and grow organically. Whilst meeting our strategic goals, we learnt along the way providing new and exciting ideas as we progressed.


The Pool and Spa company had legacy system built using PHP and Angular JS. Over time, this system had become heavily dependent on the original developer. The team realized that upgrading and managing the project was becoming nearly impossible due to the developer’s constant search for new opportunities. This left the business in a difficult position, unable to modify or scale the system, which was not only outdated and vulnerable but also provided a poor user experience.

The business was heavily reliant on this legacy system, which caused a lot of concern. However, when they contacted RVS Media, we reassured them that we could get their business back on track. We quickly signed the project within two days.

Our primary goal was to migrate the data, taking into account the format and product types, which included bundle, group, and configurable products. Additionally, we aimed to redesign the website’s user experience and interface and build all the custom features they had developed over time using Magento Open Source. This would ensure a more modern, secure, and user-friendly system that could easily be modified and scaled to meet the business’s needs.


We faced variety of challenges when dealing with legacy systems. These systems, often built on outdated technologies, can be difficult to manage and upgrade. The dependence on the original developers, who may no longer be available, adds to the complexity. Furthermore, these systems are often not designed with scalability in mind, making it difficult for businesses to grow and adapt to changing market conditions. Lastly, outdated systems can be vulnerable to security threats and provide a poor user experience, which can negatively impact the business.

  • Dealing with outdated technologies
  • Heavily dependent on orignal developers
  • Legacy systems are often not designed with scalability in mind
  • Vulnerable to security threats and provided a poor user experience
Pool and Spa
Pool and Spa

What is the Outcome?

We diligently ensured that all implementations had a positive business impact. We monitored this for a year and observed the following improvements.


Improvement In Conversion Rates


Customer Loved The Improve UX/UI


Abandon Basket Rates


Increase In Add To Basket

Pool and Spa

Our Streamlined Process

Our Process vary based on the customer needs and objective of the project, this specific case Pool and Spa was looking to improve user experience and fix broken outdated system in order to make sure their business runs smooth and without hiccups.

Review & ETA

Shared List of Tasks

Client Approval

Development Initiated

Core Solutions

In the face of technological challenges, remember that every hurdle is a stepping stone towards progress. As an ecommerce agency, we have the power to transform outdated systems into modern, efficient, and user-friendly platforms. We can break free from the constraints of legacy systems, embrace standardization, and reduce dependence on specific developers.


We can design scalable solutions that grow with your business, ensuring you’re always ready to meet the demands of the future. And most importantly, we can enhance security and user experience, making your online store not just a place to shop, but a destination for a delightful customer journey. Together, we can turn challenges into opportunities, driving your business towards new heights of success. Remember, the future of ecommerce is not just about surviving, it’s about thriving in a world of endless possibilities. Let’s embrace the journey together!


RVS Media helped businesses transition from outdated legacy systems to modern, flexible platforms. This includes careful data migration, system setup, and testing to ensure a smooth transition with minimal downtime.


By implementing systems that adhere to standard coding practices and use widely adopted technologies, We reduced the dependence on specific developers. This includes providing training for the in-house team to manage and update the new system. At the same time Magento Open Source has a very strong community base.


We design and implemented scalable ecommerce solutions that can grow with the business. This involves creating a robust architecture that can handle increased traffic and transactions, and integrating with other systems as needed.


Our top priorities was also making sure the security of the online store by implementing up-to-date security measures. They can also improve the user experience by designing intuitive interfaces and seamless navigation, leading to increased customer satisfaction and sales.